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You can’t write if you don’t read

Read, then you can write

Almost every person you ever meet says, “There’s a book in me, just waiting to be written.” Sadly, they expect someone else to do the writing. We lose so many fascinating stories because our biggest sources of stories don’t write. I every person that threatens to write, wrote, we’d need double the libraries we have now.

Reading is the key to writing

As children, at first, we learn to read. Many never really do, and many never become lovers of reading. And that is a pity because after learning to read, we read to learn. Most of what one learns in life is not taught in class. It is either lived or read.

The more you read, the more you are equipped to tell, to write. Good writing is never so much about the story as how it is told. Good writers make dull stories dance and poor writers make great stories boring. And reading is the key to unlocking that magic, reading, and then more reading.

Reading is a transferrable skill that speaks of love

The greatest gift anyone can give a child is the key to the magic world of reading. Nothing sets a person up for success more than a love for and ability to read, because only that will nurture the ability to write. So read for a lifetime, and then write that book within you.