Online Journaling

Online Journaling: What is it?

The concept of journaling online is the diary writing of the 21st century, with most people trading in the traditional handwritten methods for something more modern and convenient with a keyboard.

Digital Expressions is an online journaling exchange, ideal for those that want an online platform without having to build a website of their own. So what is an online journaling exchange? In a nutshell, it’s a place for people to write, read and connect with others with similar interests and lifestyles. We have been around since 2018, and are the biggest and leading online diary platform.

Online journaling is often compared to social media, but it’s not the same. There are no filters, boomerangs or toxicity involved, just good old fashioned writing and communication.

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The Benefits of Online Journaling

Writing a diary has long been used as a way of relieving stress, keeping records and making sense of things, going back hundreds of years. The good news is that the rise of the internet, and development of technology, has made journaling much easier to do. Unlike a notebook that you can easily misplace, your entries on Digital Expression will remain in your personal archive for as long as you want them to.

You don’t need to be concerned about safety or privacy, either. You can use the¬†Digital Expressions¬†platform however you see fit, whether that be sharing your thoughts with the entire community, or keeping them completely private. There are no rules against using aliases or anonymity to protect your identity while online journaling either.

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Why Use Online Journaling Tools?

There are some obvious benefits to using an online journaling tool over the likes of a personal blog. The first being that there is no web development knowledge required, and no upkeep of your own website.

The Digital Expressions platform is ready-made for you and couldn’t be easier to use. You can write your new diary entries at the click of a button, wherever you are, on desktop and mobile. An online journaling tool makes the very modern concept of blogging accessible to everybody, including internet novices.

How Much Does It Cost?

Creating your own personal blog can come with a pretty big price tag, especially if you’re going to want custom designs and a domain name. The good news is that with an online journaling platform like Digital Expressions, you can write a diary with absolutely no costs involved.

Expression should be free, and that’s why we will never charge to use our services. You also won’t find annoying ads or pop ups to pay the bills like some other platforms, so you can be left to what’s important, writing down your thoughts and enjoying being part of our community.

Digital Expressions is an online journaling platform. The opinions in these diary entries are of the writer only, and we accept no responsibility for any offence caused.