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Journaling Examples to Get You Started

Pair of hands holding an open journal with visible doodles.

Beyond texting and making calls, there are a plethora of things you can do with a phone to improve your quality of life. How about swapping out your paper journal for an online, digital version with a website like Digital Expressions? If you are looking to start your online journaling journey but don’t know how or where to start, here is a list of 4 journaling examples to get you started in the right direction.

Journaling Examples for the Beginner

1. ‘Goal Setting’ Journal: As an excellent addition to your morning routine, writing down your goals can help you identify what your life goals are and can make them seem more attainable. Instead of keeping your goals lodged in your brain, putting pen to paper gives you the opportunity to expand on your goals when needed.

2. ‘Self-reflective’ Journal: From experiences to feelings, this type of journaling can help you gain deeper insight into your inner self. What’s important to note is that a key to making this work for you is having an open mind and being honest with yourself.

3. ‘Gratitude’ Journal: Better done at the start of your day, gratitude journaling helps you focus on the good in your life and around you by taking control of your mind. Because we tend to dwell more on the negative, gratitude journaling is a great way to develop an appreciation and a greater awareness for even the little things.

4. ‘Dream’ Journal: After tossing and turning around, you could wake up to the realization that all that peace and harmony – or nightmares for some of us – was your mind simply creating art during your sleep. Jotting down your dreams can help you dissect their meaning and relevance in your life at that moment. Journaling your dreams can also be a valuable source of creativity and insight.

The Next Step: Start Journaling

As you begin on your journaling journey, remember that you have the freedom to choose to use all journaling examples or just one; the choice is yours. Keep this in mind: you can journal about absolutely anything as long as you remain consistent – you will surely reap the rewards. Happy journaling 🙂