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Digital Expressions

Digital Expressions is the leading platform for personal online journaling. For years, we’ve been encouraging people to put down the pen and paper and take their diary digital, for a more convenient way to keep track. Whether you’re just wanting to let off some steam, or have a particular purpose for your diary, you will find our site to be the perfect place to do it. We have thousands of people using our website to log food, track allergies, connect with likeminded writers and much more.

We don’t charge a penny for our¬†Online journaling¬†tools, we have always been completely free to use and it will stay that way. Writing a diary is proven to be great for stress relief and improved mental health, and our sole purpose is to help our users to do this.

Our supportive community is what makes Digital Expressions so unique. Think of it as having thousands of people in your corner, reading your diary and interacting regularly, whether you choose to be anonymous or not. On this page, you will find information about:

Digital Expression journals
& how it started
The Digital Expression
journals community
How to sign up
and start writing

Digital Expressions: How it Began

It started with a simple idea – we wanted a diary platform that didn’t require a degree for users to set up, so Digital Expressions was born in 2018. We could never have expected what happened next.

The Digital Expressions journals platform became something so much more. From somewhere to notes your thoughts, to a community of thousands, reading, writing, and supporting each other on a daily basis. We’re continuously growing, so now is a great time for you to get involved.

How it began
Digital Expressions

Reading, Not
Just Writing

Writing your Digital Expressions journals is a great outlet, but it’s not all we’re about. We have users from all walks of life keeping a diary, so it can be incredibly interesting to read about other people’s lives and goings on. You can search for different topics too to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Whatever your question, somebody on Digital Expressions has probably written a diary about it. There may be laughter, and there may be tears, but either way, there is a lot to gain from both writing your own journal, and reading the inner ramblings of others too.

How to Use Digital Expressions

Getting started on the Digital Expressions platform couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is click sign up and create your personal profile. The profile is brief, and we don’t ask a lot of questions, but it’s used to recommend your journal to others with similar interests.

We think you may be surprised at the benefits of using Digital Expressions. Who would have thought something as simple as keeping an online diary could make such a difference? It’s completely free and there’s nothing to lose for signing up and seeing how it works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, keeping a diary can be beneficial to mental health and it’s good to have an outlet to write down personal thoughts. If you enjoy writing, it can also be a lot of fun, especially when fellow users interact with your journal. There is also a number of practical uses to keeping a diary, such as tracking to-do’s, dietary logging, wedding planning and much more.

The best way to start journaling is to sign up to Digital Expressions and start writing. It’s easy to join and takes a few minutes, once you’re in, you can get started with writing.

If you’re handwriting a diary, the obvious way to keep it private is by keeping it hidden. By using the Digital Expressions journaling platform, you can decide whether you want your diary to be public or private. You can keep it just for yourself, or you can let the community read it too, it’s entirely up to you.

Digital Expressions is an online journaling platform. The opinions in these diary entries are of the writer only, and we accept no responsibility for any offence caused.